Website Design and Development

CCWIS Website Services

Website and Email Hosting

Computer Connections, we have full managed Web hosting and email hosting services with customer service and support. We have different hosting packages that will meet your request. which are basic hosting, plus hosting, and premium hosting.

Domain Name

A domain name is a website address. Domain name is a very important part of your business. It builds your business brand name, which makes it easier for your customer to find you. Having your own domain name makes you professional and you are a part of digital revolution.

Social Media Management

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat, LinkedIn, are the number one ways of communication. We believe all website should have social media sites. It allows your business name to be out there and creates a great relationship with your customers.

At Computer Connection we believe your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan and grows. We work with you to design user friendly and high-quality websites to your audience.Our web developer team uses cutting edge technology from enterprise level lead generation and ecommerce sites. Our huge library of open source apps and programming languages includes, php, MySQL, Ruby, python, HTML, CCS, WordPress, and Joomla.
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