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Computer Repair Services

Having a computer problem can be stressful, and we strive to make the process of repair as convenient as possible. That’s why we believe in being upfront about the charges for the services we provide. Our standard in-shop rate is $65 per hour for labor. Other services are considered flat rate charges and are specified below

Virus Removal $130

Popups, Advertisements, Slow Performance, Error Screens? These can all be indicators of a computer virus. Our flat rate virus removal can help fix these issues and gives you one year of free anti-virus protection on us!

Diagnostic $40

Not sure what’s wrong? We can perform a professional diagnostic for you. With our certified technicians, you know you are in good hands. The diagnostic fee covers the first half hour of labor as well, so if it is a simple fix, that’s all you owe. The diagnostic is the starting point of most computer repairs and you will get an estimate of the repair before any repair is performed. This way you can make a comfortable and informed decision on your repair.

Data Transfer $65

Need help moving your data from one computer to another computer? We can help with that. “Transferring Emails from one email application to another is billed at an hourly rate of $65 per hour”

Service Call $95

Our technicians can come to you! We can help repair many computer issues at your home or place of business without you having to bring the computer to us. Our flat rate is $95 to go to you, and covers the first hour. After the first hour, we pro-rate the repair at $95 per hour. “plus mileage if out of city”

Data Backup $65

Don’t currently have a backup of your data? We can provide a solution for that as well. Simply pay for the data storage device and we’ll do the rest.

Antivirus Service $35 per year, per computer

Our anti-virus service helps keep your pc protected. As well as provides professional monitoring services to keep you informed of when there is a problem. If there is a virus on the computer that the scanner cannot fix automatically, it sends an alert to one of our certified technicians, who reaches out to you to inform you about the problem. This service also gives you a discounted rate on virus removal, “Half Price!”

Password Removal “Windows 7 – 10” $65

Forgot your login password to your computer? No problem! We can assist you in re-gaining access to your PC.

Format Re-Install OS $130

Computer won’t boot up? Need to clean your computer and start fresh? Re-Installing your Operating System is part of regular system maintenance. And our flat-rate service makes performing this maintenance easy and reliable. We will install your OS, hardware drivers, perform system updates, and have the computer ready to go, running faster than ever!
  • PC Hardware Installation / Upgrades

$20 or $65 per hour, (the higher of the two)

    • We believe that you should get the most out of your computer and have the best experience possible. To reach that goal, you may need to upgrade a few components and hardware along the way. We have hardware experts available to help you select the right part for your needs. We will install and test your new hardware to make sure that it performs it’s best you pick up your PC.
  • Software Installation:

$20 or $65 per hour, (the higher of the two)

  • Having difficulty installing a new program? We can have one of our technicians help you install the software and get you back to enjoying your computer in no time.

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