Computer Connections was initially acquired in February 2002 from Wisconsin Metals. The business is now celebrating its 18th year in the computer service industry. It’s 19th year anniversary in the new Park Plaza location on the eastern edge of Reedsburg. Computer Connections concentrates on supporting area businesses, schools and home user’s needs. In all areas of computer use we offer retail computer sales, support, repair and upgrades, networking, website development, hosting, email services and customized business applications.
The company was started by Dave Bangert, a native Wisconsin resident who started and ran a successful DJ company during college, Oasis Entertainment. During this period he trained in business and learned computer programming. He eventually developed a custom software program that was designed to help DJs manage their clients, assets, and schedules effectively. The enthusiastic response to his software eventually lead to the birth of Computer Connections. He still runs Oasis Entertainment and can be found on weekends spinning hit songs for happy dancers on all occasions.

Computer Connections staff of 5 brings to the table a broad range of experience from the computer world that spans over 16 years across many fields. Each staff member has a degree or professional certification in his field and has ample experience working with clients to help them with their computer needs and issues.
The business aims at having a personal relationship with each customer that allows for customized solutions that fit each client perfectly. The philosophy behind the company is one of growth through education and implementation of new technology. It is our belief that it is absolutely necessary for businesses to embrace new technology and to change with the times.

New technology offers helpful advancements in efficiency, organization, new features, power, and communication that when implemented save time, money and effort. There is a continuing goal to help each home and business user overcome resistance to and fear of change to reach the success

At Computer Connections of Wisconsin we are here to serve you. We desire to help you take your business to the next level through implementation of technology and training. Our staff is here to help you to make informed decisions about today’s technology.
And we are always an email or phone call away, ready to help.